New York City: Storm Drains, Sewers, Buried Streams

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--Croton Aqueduct and the city water tunnel #1

--Stom drains-- are there alligators?

--City water tunnel #3

--Is it possible to go draining in NYC without an oxygen supply? As all evidence and information gathering will remain experimental and experiential, no negative answer will ever return (as the messanger will be disappeared, and probably eaten by crocidiles) and any positve answer is purely circumstantial.


Books and Such

Jones, Pamela. Under the City Streets. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1978.

  • Lib. of Congress # HD 2767 .N75N47 (at Avery Library, Columbia U, same number)
  • See NYC resources section for more info

This book has a nice section on the history of the water supply as well as a map thereof; it also has a copy of the Viele-MacCoun Water Map. The Bibliography also has extensive other sources for information.

Mann, Roy. Rivers in the City. New York, Praeger, 1973.

Daley, Robert. The World Beneath the City. Philadelphia: lippincott, 1959.

  • See NYC resources for more info

Some nice maps/diagrams.

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