Chicago, Illinois

Nike Missile Silos

From Someone mentions a silo "in Chicago, right on Lake Michigan at about 55th street, right across the street from the Museum of Science and Industry: us_chicago_il_nikesite1.txt



The Mini-freight train beneath downtown.

An article from "Rail and Wire," issue 162, November 1996, by Les Ascher and dave Diamond, on the Chicago underground rail:

A report, from the standpoint of the flood control technology producers, on the1992 flood of the underground rail tunnels:

An article on the tunnels is availible at

Ninj has an article on exploring in the tunnels in his Infiltration Zine, issue #12 i think. For information, go to his website at and look in his archives. The article however is not online, you have to buy it.

  • BOOK: There is a book called Forty Feet Below about the mini-freight-train tunnels. However, i have not been able to find it in local libraries.

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