Urban Sites

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This is intended as an archive of textual, english-language information on underground urban sites and structures throoughout the world. However, becasue of the English-langauge focus, it is a fairly comprehensive site for American sites and merely a survey of the rest of the world.

Any broken links or other problems, or any additional information about underground sites--Please email me at smd45@columbia.edu. When submitting information, please let me know if you would prefer to be credited or remain anonymous.


United States-Australia-Canada-Czech Republic-France-Germany-Italy-Luxembourg-Netherlands-Russia-United Kingdom


Albany, NY-- Missile Silos

Boston, MA-- Subway System

Chicago, IL-- Nike Missile Silo

Cincinnati, OH-- Leftovers from a partially built subway system

Columbus, OH-- a drain

Denver, CO-- Missile Silos

Detroit, MI-- Train tunnel to Canada

Glencove, NY-- Abandoned research center?

Houston, TX-- Pedestrian tunnels

Los Angelos, CA-- Old subway tunnel

Minneapolis, MN-- Sewering

New York City, NY-- Subway Tunnels, Grand Central Station, Riverside Park (Amtrak) Tunnel, Water Supply Tunnels, General NYC Archeology, and Resources.

Philadelphia-- Subway

Providence, RI-- Abandoned East Side Train tunnel

Rochester, NY-- Old Subway system?

Roswell, NM-- Silos

San Diego, CA-- Storm drains

San Francisco, CA-- Chinatown tunnels

St. Louis, MO-- Brewery catacombs

Washington, DC-- Subways, Tunnels of government buildings


Adelaide, Australia-- a new cave clan.

Melbourne, Australia-- Links to the Cave Clan (Sewering)

Sydney, Australia-- Train tunnels


Toronto, Canada-- Subways, Sewers


Plzen, Czech Republic-- Historic Tunnels


Paris, France-- Catacombs, Subways


General info for Germany


Italy General resources-- caving groups

Naples, Italy- "old world tunnels"

Rome, Italy-- "old world tunnels"

Trieste, Italy-- "old world tunnels"


Luxembourg-- "old world tunnels"


Limburg, Netherlands-- Mines

Rotterdam, Netherlands-- Subways


Moscow, Russia-- The Diggers of the Moscow Underground, and an abandoned quarry tunnels turned hip


General UK Resources-- newsgroup and Subterranea Britannica

Liverpool, England-- The Williamson tunnels

London, England-- Subways, whatnot

Dover, England-- Old Bunkers

Dublin, Ireland-- Trinity College Tunnels

Exeter, UK-- Leftover Roman Tunnels