Toronto, Canada


A story about the Lower Bay subway station and an encounter with security: camada_toronto_subway_lowerbay.txt

 Ninj has an article about the Spadina LRT up on his Infiltration website:

Ninj also has an article about he subways in general:

A "close look" at the lower bay subway station, from Cygnals magazine:

Another article from Cygnals:


Water and Sewers

A site on sewers and underground pipes-- however, from the POV of someone interested in their function, not the POV of a vadder:

On the Infiltration Website, Ninj put up an article about his first 8 drains in the toronto area:


General Resources

For general info on Urban exploration in the toronto area, checkout Ninj's website at He is based in the Toronto area, and does the occasional bit of underground exploring.

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